Ultimate Serial Key Ultimate edition offers a collection of tools to get rid of unnecesarry files on your PC while giving the ability to perform a number of changes on the default system settings easily. The built-in uninstaller tool lets you monitor new installations of programs and completely uninstall the ones that are no longer needed so that no files are left behind from the uninstallation. Ultimate Edition costs $39.99 per serial key but there is a promo from which it can be obtained without paying anything. Legally, of course.

wintools ultimate suite

The program is very easy to use. There are numerous instant tweaks that users can apply immediately simply by selecting which items that want to be tweaked and then clicking the apply button. For example, you can disable the pop-up message which always appear when there is no enough disk space left on a hard drive. You can also block task manager, delete recycle bin on the desktop, hide the shutdown button from the Start menu, and much more.

Key Features

  • Easy to use
  • Tons of system tweaks to choose from
  • The tools are categorized so that users can immediately find what they need
  • Scan and clean junk files quickly
  • Manage, edit, delete or add applications to the startup list for automatic launch on Windows startup
  • Decent uninstaller that totally remove unwanted applications
  • Supports a number of languages
  • Password protect the program so it cannot be launched by other users
  • Provides instant access to a number of important Windows system tools

How to obtain Ultimate serial key

  1. Visit the giveaway page:
  2. wintoolsnet free registration

  3. Complete the form and click the “Senden” button to submit the registration information.
  4. You should receive an email coming from under the subject “Aktion Chip Wintools Ultimate Edition”. This email contains a confirmation link. Click it to complete your registration.
  5. Unfortunately, you have to wait about an hour to get the key. It could take longer so be patient.

After you get the free key, download the installer: wintoolsultimate_8.exe

The default language of the installer and program is German, but you can change it through the main user interface of the program by clicking “Optionen” and then “Sprache…”, and finally select one of the supported languages. English language is supported as well.

Please note that this serial code works only with Ultimate 8.1. A registration window appears when you launch the software in which you can enter the license into the provided space and click “Weiter” button to complete the activation.

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