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Convert PDF to Word Online for Best Results

Posted in Online Tools on 2014

Almost everyone has experienced the difficulties to convert PDF to Word online. At first, they could change some documents. Then when it is confined during the trial, they must find other ways. Actually, there is a lot of software that you can use. More »

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Make Photo Look Old Online

Posted in Graphics, Web on 2011

Need to make your new photo look old like a picture taken in the early 1900s? You can do this by using most free photo editing tools, but if you want to do it online you can go to Wanokoto.

make photo look old online

You just need to upload a photo and click the Generate button to make it looks old. Beside uploading a picture from your machine, it also allows you to specify a URL of an image to be processed.

If the website goes down for some reason, you can also get the same effect from Your Old Pic website. It makes your photo look sepia tone, torn and slightly out of focus. However, it doesn’t allow you to process an image directly from a URL.

You can compare the result from Your Old Pic below with the one from Wanokoto above to decide which one is better for you

make photo look old online

These online apps definitely can’t replace your photo editor software, but if you’re being out somewhere and need to make it fast, they can become very handy.

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Convert Images to Text Online with Free Online OCR Service

Posted in Converter, Web on 2011

Need to convert images to text online? There are a number of free online image to text converters out there, but Free OCR online service is probably the most popular one. This service only needs a few seconds to process the image you upload. The result is displayed on the same page. There is no option to download it but you can copy the text.

Of course you can always buy an image to text converter software instead, but knowing an online converter will surely help a lot when you’re in a situation that forces you to convert image to text online. Free OCR is a free online service, after all. More »

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Convert Web Page to PDF in Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer (IE), Opera, Safari

Posted in Office Apps, Online Tools on 2010

webpage pdf convertWeb2PDF is a free online service that allows you to convert a web page to pdf. Some options like adding user password for the pdf and specifying pdf page orientation are provided. To convert a web page to pdf, you can just copy and paste the URL. Or, if you convert frequently, you can make use of the browser’s add-on as well as bookmarklet, which work with popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera and Safari. More »

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