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Block Websites From Google Search Results with Google Chrome Personal Blacklist

Posted in Browser on 2011

Google Chrome Personal Blacklist is a newly developed extension by Google to help users getting a better search result in Google’s search engine. It gives an easy option for users to block any website that appears on the search.

block website

After installing, the extension adds a new link underneath every Google search result (see screenshot above). If you open a search result and it turns out that you don’t like what you find, you can easily block the website by clicking the new link so that it won’t ever appear again. More »

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Google Earth Offline Installer

Posted in Web on 2011

Google Earth. You know what it is. It’s a nifty application developed by Google to provide terabytes of geographical, political and social data, allowing us to visit the whole world virtually. It’s a very useful tool to conduct some serious research, find information about a city before we actually visit it, etc. Lately, an Australian archaeologist could even find nearly 2,000 new archaeological sites in Saudi Arabia just by using Google Earth. More »

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