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5 Tips on Malware Prevention on PC

Of course, there is no one who wants to face something like malware on their computer so they will install some applications for malware prevention on PC. In this dominant era of the advanced technology, computer has the most important role in ensuring that everything goes on its way. Almost every aspect in our life needs computers like accountants, cashiers, bankers, employees, managers, entrepreneurs, and many other jobs. Continue reading 5 Tips on Malware Prevention on PC

Aml Pages Organizer Full Version Giveaway

I’ve been using a number of note taking programs such as Keynote NF and Evernote for years. Both are freeware and have decent features for different needs. This time I come accross another one called as Aml Pages Organizer. It’s not free, but fortunately you can have its full version completely for free from the giveaway at GOTD website. I was skeptical about this program before downloading it, but after installing it I found that it is quite nice and deserve more attention. Continue reading Aml Pages Organizer Full Version Giveaway

Apple Video Converter Factory Pro Serial Key

This Apple Video Converter Factory Pro serial key is given away directly by the developer, Wonderfox. Apple Video Converter Factory Pro, just like its name, offers various advanced video conversion features yet easy to use. No matter who you are and where you are from, you can get the license code easily. This offer is worth $29.95, a price that you normally have to pay for the license. If you haven’t seen this program yet, you should check it out as it looks appealing. This chance of obtaining a free genuine key legally should not be missed out. Continue reading Apple Video Converter Factory Pro Serial Key

Wintools.net Ultimate Serial Key

Wintools.net Ultimate edition offers a collection of tools to get rid of unnecesarry files on your PC while giving the ability to perform a number of changes on the default system settings easily. The built-in uninstaller tool lets you monitor new installations of programs and completely uninstall the ones that are no longer needed so that no files are left behind from the uninstallation. Wintools.net Ultimate Edition costs $39.99 per serial key but there is a promo from which it can be obtained without paying anything. Legally, of course.

wintools ultimate suite

The program is very easy to use. There are numerous instant tweaks that users can apply immediately simply by selecting which items that want to be tweaked and then clicking the apply button. For example, you can disable the pop-up message which always appear when there is no enough disk space left on a hard drive. You can also block task manager, delete recycle bin on the desktop, hide the shutdown button from the Start menu, and much more. Continue reading Wintools.net Ultimate Serial Key