Remove Toolbar from Firefox, Chrome and IE with Toolbar Cleaner

Need to remove toolbar from your browsers? Toolbars are originally created to provide help for users when they’re browsing the internet. Unfortunately, some toolbars just make things in the browser gets slower because of their high memory consumption. If you want to remove these toolbars, there are some toolbar removers you can use. Toolbar Cleaner is one of them.

Toolbar Cleaner removes toolbar from Firefox, IE and Chrome browser. All the toolbars found in these three browsers is listed by the program when you run it. To remove a toolbar, simply select its name from the list and click the “remove selected toolbar” button. If you want to remove multiple toolbars at once, simply select all of the toolbars and click the button.

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Beside the toolbars, Toolbar Cleaner also lists nearly all of the extension it finds in Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers. In addition to the ability to remove unwanted toolbars, the application can also get rid of harmful Browser Helper Object (BHO).

The advantage of using this toolbar remover is clear. It helps you remove toolbars in different browsers in just one go.

Download Toolbar Cleaner from the developer’s website

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