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Internet Explorer 9 Offline Installer [32-bit & 64-bit]

ie9Internet Explorer 9 has just been released and it is now available for download for both 32-bit and 64-bit of Windows 7, Vista and Windows Server 2008. Unfortunately, Windows XP isn’t supported. The browser comes with lots of new features such as improved download manager, the ability to pin websites to Windows 7 taskbar, add-on performance advisor, etc. IE users can upgrade the browser via Windows Update. Users who want to download the offline installer can get it from the direct download links in this post.

Let’s find out some improvements that has been made for Internet Explorer 9.

Improved performance – Thanks to the improved rendering engines, the speed is perhaps the most noticeable part of IE 9. It may still not be the fastest one, however.

User interface – The menus, icons and tools at the top of the browser in IE 8 has been removed in IE 9, offering a minimalist user interface. All of the old menu options can be accessed from a new main menu icon. Tabs have also been moved next to the address bar, but it can be optionally moved to below the address bar.

Integration with Windows 7 – Users can pin websites to Windows 7 taskbar with IE 9, making it easier to access your favorite sites.

Side-by-side Tab Viewing – You can normally open multiple tabs in a single window with tabbed browsing, but in Internet Explorer 9 you can even view two tabs at once side by side.


Tracking protection – It’s a new feature that lets user block any kind of means used by advertisers to track your online activity.

If you want to get more details about the new features of IE 9, you can visit the official website of the browser.

Download Internet Explorer 9 offline installer for Windows 7 [Official Standalone Setup]: IE9-Windows7-x86-enu.exe (32-bit)

Download Internet Explorer 9 Offline Installer for Windows 7 [Full Standalone Setup]: IE9-Windows7-x64-enu.exe (64-bit)

Download Internet Explorer 9 Offline Installer for Windows Vista [Full Standalone Setup]: IE9-WindowsVista-x86-enu.exe (32-bit)

Download Internet Explorer 9 Offline Installer for Windows Vista [Full Standalone Setup]: IE9-WindowsVista-x64-enu.exe (64-bit)

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