How to Revert Back to Old Google Image Search on Firefox & Chrome

The main reason I dislike the new Google Image Search interface is that my favorite Firefox plugin to open the images in one click is no longer working. Another reason, I can’t jump directly to a certain search page, e.g. page 10 or page 5. Personally, in short, I don’t feel comfortable at all with the new interface, so I decide to look for a way how to revert back to the old google image search interface.

First tip comes from LifeHacker. It says that you just need to add:


to the end of the search URL.

For example:

would become

It really works.

It’s definitely a no-brainer solution and pretty handy. However, the weakness point of this method is that you have to search using the new interface first before being able to tweak the url.

Update: The script below doesn’t work anymore. There is another new one to use, however, that still works on both Firefox and Chrome. Read here: Revert to Old Google Image Search

If you don’t want to tweak the url everytime you start a new search session, that is after you close Google Image Search and then open it to perform another search, you can install a Greasemonkey script called Google Image direct links. I have sucessfully tested it in Google Chrome and Firefox.

old google image search

Just note that the script only automates the process of switching from the old Google Image Search interface to the new one. When you start a new search session, the new interface loads first and then the script changes it to the old one automatically, so there is a delay between. But the bonus from installing this script is that now you can open the images in Google Image Search in just one click.

I tried a couple of Greasemonkey script before but none is able to work properly. I’m still looking for a way to completely revert back to the old Google Image Search. In the mean time, I’ll just have to stick to this Greasemonkey script.

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