Hide Taskbar in Windows 7, Vista, XP with Hotkey

Some users wants to hide taskbar because they prefer to use docking programs like ObjectDock or other similar applications. However, the only way to hide Windows taskbar, by default, is to activate the auto-hide feature, which automatically hides taskbar when you move mouse away from the area and unhide taskbar when you move mouse to the area. If you don’t like this auto-hide feature and want to hide taskbar completely instead, try this Taskbar Eliminator.

Taskbar Eliminator: Windows Taskbar Hider

Taskbar Eliminator is a free application designed to serve one purpose only: to hide taskbar in Windows. Since it is a one-purpose program, it is obviously very easy to use. However, it is a must for you to read the help file which is bundled with the program in a rar archive format. I double-clicked the application once I opened the rar package and I got confused for a while when suddenly my taskbar was gone. Only after reading the manual I found out how to make the taskbar re-appear.


If you do like I did, you’ll find out that the taskbar will disappear once you run the application and that there is no clue on how to display it again. When you run it, the app sits in the tray but how can you access the tray if the taskbar is gone? The app employs a hotkey, too, but to find out which hotkey to be used to hide and unhide the taskbar you have to read the manual.

Hide and Unhide Windows Taskbar with Hotkey

The hotkey used to hide and unhide Windows taskbar is Alt + T. The hotkey cannot be changed. To display the Preferences window, press Ctrl + Alt + T. Here you can set the program to automatically run at every Windows start.

Features of Taskbar Eliminator:

  • Hotkey to Hide and unhide taskbar
  • Optionally start with Windows
  • Runs on tray with only small system resources needed (around 3MB)
  • Portable
  • Compatible with Windows 7, Vista and XP

Download Taskbar Eliminator from the developer’s website.

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