Hide Firefox Title Bar for More Space

firefoxPressing F11 will, by default, hide Firefox title bar along with its status bar, menu , navigation and bookmark bar. In short, the shortcut hides everything, including Windows taskbar, to display the Firefox page only on your screen. If you find this incovenient and want to hide only the Firefox title bar, you can install the Hide Caption Titlebar Plus extension.

After completing installation by restarting Firefox, the title bar will disappear. You can still maximize, minimize and resize Firefox window. Some of the customizations you can adjust are as follows:

  • Never: No standard caption for any window, not even popups.
  • Smart Popups: FF main window/s with hidden std. captions, but the popups will be detected and will have std. caption & borders.
  • Smart All: Maximized FF window/s will stay with hidden caption, but Restored (un-maximized) ones will get the standard caption!. (Popups always with caption).
  • Always (Firefox default): All windows with standard caption.

hide firefox title bar

Install Hide Caption Titlebar Plus from the Firefox add-on website

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