Google Earth Offline Installer

Google Earth. You know what it is. It’s a nifty application developed by Google to provide terabytes of geographical, political and social data, allowing us to visit the whole world virtually. It’s a very useful tool to conduct some serious research, find information about a city before we actually visit it, etc. Lately, an Australian archaeologist could even find nearly 2,000 new archaeological sites in Saudi Arabia just by using Google Earth.


Google Earth 6 is the latest version by now. The new features that are touted by Google include 3D trees, better integrated street view, and easy-to-use historical imagery. Interested users can find the download link of the installer at the official website, but note that it is an online installer.

If you choose Google Earth offline installer rather than the online installer, you can download it here. The download size of the offline installer is naturally bigger than the online version, but there is no need to download the installation files again if someday you have to reinstall Google Earth.

Download Google Earth online installer by visiting the website

Download Google Earth offline installer : GoogleEarthWin.exe (13.36MB)

Google Earth is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux. Download Google Earth offline installer and tour the whole world from inside your room.

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