Google Chrome Shortcut Keys List with ClickLess

ClickLess is a Google Chrome extension that provides a quick access to Chrome shortcut keys. After installing, a new button appears next to the Chrome address bar. Clicking on the button shows a list of shortcut keys that you can use in the browser.

chrome keyboard shortcuts

Interestingly, ClickLess has a kind of filtering system to let you master the shortcuts bit by bit.

For example, since it is impossible to remember all of the keys at once, the extension allows you to display only those that you want to learn first and hide the rest. Similarly, the shortcut keys that you have mastered can be hidden by labeling each with a full star.

Go to the next tab, close current tab, open new incognito window, switch to the last tab, open Chrome in fullscreen, and many more. The more shortcuts you can handle, the faster you can do things in the browser.

Install ClickLess from the Chrome extension page

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