Google Chrome 6 Offline Installer [Final Version]

chrome v6 stableGoogle Chrome 6 final version has finally been released and is now available for download for Windows, Mac and Linux. If you upgrade from Google Chrome 5, then there are some noticeable improvements from the browser. The visual update is perhaps the most noticeable change since users can instantly see it, but Google Chrome 6 has more behind the scene like the new form auto-fill and improved synchronization capability.

Google Chrome 6 can be downloaded from the official download page. Or, you can simply wait for the browser to perform automatic update. Alternatively, if you need the full offline installer for installing on multiple computers without internet connection or for a backup purpose in case of a reinstallation, then here is the direct download link.

Download Google Chrome 6 offline installer for Windows XP, Vista and 7 [Full Standalone Setup]: chrome_installer.exe

The offline installer of Google Chrome 6 for Mac can be downloaded directly from the official download page, but I’ll provide the download link here anyway so you don’t have to open a new webpage again from here.

Download Google Crome 6 Offline Installer for Mac [Full Standalone Setup]:

Since Google Chrome 6 for Linux are available in different packages, I think it’s better for you to directly go to the download page to choose a suitable one.

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