Flash Player Offline Installer for Windows, Mac, Linux

adobe-flash-playerFlash Player 10.2 has just been released. Aside from bringin in some bug fixes, this new update also offers some new features.

One of the notable new features of Flash Player is the support for full-screen view in multiple monitor environment, meaning that you can watch a video on one screen while keep working on something else on the other display.

Another noteworthy improvement is the ability to decrease the CPU resources being used in playing a HD video.

To find out the complete list of the new features, you can visit the official Adobe site.

Adobe Flash Player can be downloaded from adobe.com. Alternatively, you can also download the offline installer from the direct download links provided below.

Flash Player Offline Installer direct download link

Download Flash Player 10.2 for Windows (Firefox, Safari, Opera) : install_flash_player.exe (2.70 MB)

Download Flash Player 10.2 for Windows (Internet Explorer): install_flash_player_ax.exe (2.74 MB)

Download Flash Player 10.2 for Mac : install_flash_player_osx_ub.dmg (5.54 MB)

If you want to download Flash Player for Linux, you’ll have to go to the download page at adobe.com for there are several packages to choose from.

If you find trouble during the installation, you probably want to use the uninstaller to uninstall flash player.

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