Compress MP3 Size with Free MP3 Compressor Program

Compressing mp3 size is the only option left to put more mp3 files on your harddisk if you don’t want to upgrade the space. While some users do it to gain more space for other purpose, some others do it so that they can add more mp3 songs. Excessive mp3 compression, however, is something to be avoided if you don’t want to lose the audio quality too much. This is where a program like MP3 Quality Modifier can really help you. It is designed to compress mp3 size without having to sacrifice much of its quality.

Users can compress mp3 size by either using the available presets or manually changing the bitrate. There are 5 presets that you can choose from: default, very low quality, compromise, portable or high quality. Furthermore, advanced users can configure the sample frequency and stereo modus. All ID3 tags like the title, artist etc. are automatically retained as well. After the compression is finished, you can view the report that compares the size of the original and the compressed mp3 files.

mp3 size compressor

Features of MP3 Quality Modifier

  • 5 presets are available for quick compression.
  • Create your own preset.
  • Manually change the configuration: sample frequency, bitrate mode, advanced variable mode settings, mp3 bitrate, set modus (mono, stereo, joint stereo, dual channels) and accuracy.
  • Retain all ID3 tags, file date and mark as copyrighted and/or not original.
  • Comparison report after processing.
  • Compress the size of multiple mp3 files at once.

MP3 Quality Modifier is a portable freeware developed by InspireSoft. It works on Windows OS but not giving any detail of which version it provides support. It works well on Windows 7, nevertheless.

Download MP3 Quality Modifier to compress mp3 size

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