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Earn Money from Software Selling: The Easiest Now!

There are so many ways to earn money; of course, you have to do some work in order to get the money. The money that you earn depends on the effort you give. If you are a software developer; and, you want to make money by selling your own product, you have to start right away because earn money from software selling is one of the substantial ways to earn money on lesser effort. It does not mean that you can earn money effortlessly, but you can have a substantial income by fewer efforts by online software selling.

Sell softwareSteps to Earn money from software selling

There are so many success stories of earn money from software selling on the internet. It seems an easy and instant way; however, when you are a new comer, it is not as smooth as you may think. You need to do a lot of promotions, since an online market is worldwide. There are also uncountable competitors for the similar software that you are offering. If you already know the way, you can learn the tips from the expert, and by the time goes, you can improve your selling so substantial income from online selling is not just a dream. It may be difficult in the beginning, but it will be as easy as clicking the mouse when you get used to.

There are several reasons how selling software online is the easiest way to get profit so a lot of people try to earn money from software selling. The first reason, since it is online selling, you can do it whenever and wherever as long as you have internet connection. So, it would not disturb your main activity. The second, you do not have to sell it by yourself, for the starting point you may search the best market and the online platform that is suitable from your product. Then later, you just need to give it update, that’s it, and you can earn money from software selling from the place of your convenient, such as your home.

Basic and Simple Facts about iOS Versus Android Apps

Many people talk about iOS versus android apps. But believe that it will never end. Until now, the world of technology as though the split between the two fronts, those who are fanatical with one and other products. You should not think much about the issue. Still, you’re still curious regarding what can we rely on these two brands.


The Comparisons about iOS Versus Android Apps

What do we know about iOS versus android apps? Here are some basic facts:

  • Designs. Of course there are subtle differences between the two brands. Most people consider that iOS is designed with the elegance concept. Just take a loot on the products, and surely you will get it. Meanwhile, Android is always dependent on the companies that assemble it. So, you can find an Android phone with a sad design, or vice versa; something that is quite unique and captivating.
  • Screens. iOS has a clear display screen, so that we will always be satisfied to enjoy the graphics. That’s one of the advantages provided by the company for optimal performance. Meanwhile, you will not find the same thing on every Android phone. There are some high qualities, but the rest might not be cool.
  • Memory. iOS does not have an external memory, but the company provides a number of options such as 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB, and 64 GB. While the Android Company provides external memory with certain restrictions, so that the user can adjust the needs.
  • The Prices. This is a very clear issue, when you have to prepare a lot of budget to buy the latest Apple products. Meanwhile, Android Company provides a variety of options that can be tailored to your budget.

Of course, there are a number of specifications that might not be appropriate in your expectations. Well, those are some basic facts about iOS versus android apps.

The Best Game on Steam of this Year Worth Trying!

What is your best game on steam on this year? Sometimes, we can still find some of the best things from last year. But, we will always be curious to try new adventures, especially if we have a lot of time and pleasure. Playing games is one of the best things you can do, when you want to let go of feeling tired and bored. Moreover, there are many people who play the game because they love it. You are part of them? Let us check a few options.

Options of the Best Game On Steam

Let us start the best game on stem for action genre. Reportedly, there are a number of interesting options regarding the best game on steam 2015. Here are the options:

  • Tom Clancy’s The Division. This will bring you into an extraordinary adventure when you have to save the city from virus attacks. Published by Ubisoft, you will not wait for the release.


  • Hunt Horrors of the Gilden Age. It is a game developed by Crytek Austin/Crytek Frankfurt. Again, you will face a number of thrilling adventures when you have to slaughter a lot of monsters. It will be a different game compared to the previous ones, if you are aware of some details and concepts.


  • Io’s next Hitman Game. You would be very interested when you hear the title. Well, this is a game published by Square Enix and developed by Io Interactive. Indeed, some parties mentioned that this will be reminiscent of a classic game when you become a silent


  • Rebel Galaxy. Double Damage Games to develop a concept of the game with a number of exciting action and adventure in outer space. You will never be bored to enjoy any adventure with a unique style and a number of special characters.


So, there are more choices. Yet, you will find the best idea to pick one of the best game on steam.

Software Affiliate Program: How to Gain More Profits with It?

By using a software affiliate program, a blogger can gain profits just by updating quality contents. For those of you who have never known about the software, you will be attracted when you really wish to make money from the internet. It is a method to earn money to sell the products of one or several companies. You will be paid when the product is sold, that is the concept of an affiliate marketer. So, what should you do if you want to be like that?

Steps to Run a Software Affiliate Program

The method offered by the software affiliate program is very easy and does not require a lot of expenses. That is the reason why most people consider an affiliate program while they are always difficult to be accepted in Google Adsense. Well, here are some of the best apps that you can consider.

  • Amazon Affiliate. The popular program is often the first consideration to those who want to use the chances. You can get a commission of 4 per cent of the products sold. Also, you can register it easily.
  • It is one of the services that provide domain and hosting. Also, you can get involved in the program; you can earn 15 percent of the price of a domain or hosting. Transfer is every month after purchase.
  • ClickBank. You can choose to become an affiliate marketer or a seller of your own products. This is one of the best ways to promote products.
  • Commision Junction. It is an online advertising site supported by many major vendors. So, you may be able to collect more profits if you can follow the promotion rules.

What do you think? Now, you just need to consider which one would if it is in accordance with the wishes and needs. Select a program, or perhaps several, because you will always get a lot of interesting experiences of software affiliate program.

3 Best Android Keyboard Apps and Reviews

In this new advanced technological era, life has become much easier and simpler than we have ever imagined for years, and several best android keyboard apps are basically one great example of the fast development of technology. Once you are taking a brief look on the internet today, you will be amazed on how many third party keyboard options to be chosen from. And some of them are pretty incredible to be tried on. But what is best for you? Of course, the needs of typing for one person to another will be quite different because it might depend on their educational or work place background. Continue reading 3 Best Android Keyboard Apps and Reviews