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Smash Hit as Best Free iOs Game 2014

Posted in Multimedia on 2014

Many people wonder about the best free ios game 2014since iPhone provides many good and amazing games that sometimes android not support. It is true that iPhone has many games that have amazing graphic and cool gameplays, somehow it is overshadowed by some smartphones that use android as its ios because most android smartphones have a higher specification than most iPhone. It is dilemmatic since iPhone has amazing games but require better specifications while android smartphones have lousy games but they have far better specifications than iPhones. This article will talk more about the best free ios game 2014that meets the requirements so the game will not lag. More »

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Increase MP3 Volume Easily

Posted in Multimedia on 2013

If you need to increase mp3 volume, you can do it easily. There is a freeware that allows you to enhance mp3 sound in only just a few clicks. All you need to do here is loading the mp3 file, press a single button and let the program handles the rest, and then save the result. It’s called mpTrim. More »

Change Volume With Hotkey or Mouse Wheel in Windows

Posted in Multimedia on 2012

You can change volume in Windows by clicking on the volume icon on the system tray and then either scroll your mouse wheel up/down or drag the slider until you get the desired volume level. Clicking on the Mixer option will open the Volume Mixer panel where you can change volume more specifically. This should be already easy for everyone to use, but if you want another volume control that lets you increase or decrease volume with hotkey or mouse wheel, you should really try Volume Sqr. More »

Flash Player Offline Installer for Windows, Mac, Linux

Posted in Multimedia, Utility on 2011

adobe-flash-playerFlash Player 10.2 has just been released. Aside from bringin in some bug fixes, this new update also offers some new features.

One of the notable new features of Flash Player is the support for full-screen view in multiple monitor environment, meaning that you can watch a video on one screen while keep working on something else on the other display.

Another noteworthy improvement is the ability to decrease the CPU resources being used in playing a HD video. More »

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Compress MP3 Size with Free MP3 Compressor Program

Posted in Multimedia on 2010

Compressing mp3 size is the only option left to put more mp3 files on your harddisk if you don’t want to upgrade the space. While some users do it to gain more space for other purpose, some others do it so that they can add more mp3 songs. Excessive mp3 compression, however, is something to be avoided if you don’t want to lose the audio quality too much. This is where a program like MP3 Quality Modifier can really help you. It is designed to compress mp3 size without having to sacrifice much of its quality. More »

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