Blend Images with Layer Mask without Photoshop

Photoshop has the capability to blend two images with a layer mask. However, Photoshop isn’t always the right tool for every situation. Beginners have to learn it before able to blend images with it because of its tons of features. Buying Photoshop just for the need to blend pictures is also unwise. Under these situations, instead of relying Photoshop or other major photo editing programs for blending images, try to use Image Inc.

image blender

Image Inc is specifically designed to help users easily blending two images using a layer mask for transparency. Load two pictures and a mask, and they will be automatically merged. Optionally, you can play with the gradient, opacity and a few effects until you find the perfect combination. A number of gradient masks has already been provided within the program.

Image Inc is a freeware and it works like a charm. If you don’t want to or cannot use Photoshop, then this is the tool that can help you out. This program is compatible with Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7. You can download it from the developer’s homepage.

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