Black and White Photo Converter for Windows

Need to convert a color photo to a black and white image? Users that are used to play with Adobe Photoshop can do this easily. For the rest who simply wants to convert and thinks that learning to use Photoshop to do such a simple thing is quite a burden, there is an easy black and white photo converter. It’s called Black and White Photo Maker.

Black and White Photo Maker

This is a freeware. It lets you convert a photo to black and white in a very straightforward way. To convert, just load or open an image from within the program and it will be automatically converted.

black white picture converter

The black and white photo is displayed side-by-side with the original version.

Users can resize or crop the photo before saving it in one of the supported image formats: jpg, bmp, gif, ico, tif, png, pcx, tga, ras, jpc.

Unfortunately, the current version of Black and White Photo Maker only lets you convert one photo at a time. It would be far more convenient if it offers a batch mode to convert multiple color photos at once.

Visit the developer’s homepage to download Black and White Photo Maker for free.

Version reviewed: Black and White Photo Maker 1.0

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