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Sync Your Contact with Gmail for More Advantages

Posted in Office Apps on 2014

You can sync your contacts with Gmail. Why? It is because you should be able to use your phone in an optimal way. With synchronization, you do not have to bother anymore in the search for the phone book, address, email, and a variety of important information related to your job. Anyway, it will be very safe and you will not need a lot of time. Meanwhile, you can also manage it personally. More »

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Free Secured Virtual Keyboard: A Magnificent Discovery

Posted in Security Software on 2014

Free secured virtual keyboard can be said to be a phenomenon in the world of the technological discovery. Since the era of the advanced technology, there are more and more people who tend to be a lot more secure with their data. This is because viruses in the internet are becoming increasingly malignant. It would be extremely harmful for your data. For the example, once you are entering password into social media that you have, it will be susceptible to any viruses.

virtual keyboard
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Sending Large Files Service on the Internet

Posted in Utility on 2014

We face the problem of sending large files service. What is the most appropriate to send a lot of data at one time? On the internet, everything is possible. That is for sure, but we should really choose the right service in order to achieve our goals. In storing files, it helps us choose the services that can be accounted for and support the protection of these data. But, the most exciting thing of the internet is sharing. By sharing, we can also facilitate access in retrieving the data. Nowadays, we can count on some services on the internet. More »

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Several Ways to Display Alternate Content for Ads Blocker

Posted in Utility on 2014

Ad blocking software are usually installed by many computer user in the whole world since it does not allow annoying ads to pop up randomly and usually ads are made from flash, sometimes it blocks flash based material not only ads but even flash games are also affected, and this is several ways to display alternate content for ads blocker. But before jumping to explanation it is better to know and understand what ad blocking software is. As the name implies, it will block any ads on the website that is randomly pops either below, beside or upper side of the website, and it can even block ad.fly which prevent us to use direct download and must wait for several second in order to download the file you desire. And now is several ways to display alternate content for ads blocker.

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Download Free Android App for Many Purposes

Posted in Utility on 2014

Along with a number of accesses, we can download free android app. Only with the phone, we can get a lot of useful applications to support daily activities. Currently, android is something that is popular with modern society. So we can find new things that may be useful or not at all. Thus, we should be able to find the right application to use android because if we use a lot of applications, it can disturb the performance of our gadgets. More »

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