Keep iOS Device Safe, the Security System for Your Device

The development of the advanced technology today has led us into questioning about what to choose: Macs VS PCs and also OSX VS iOS platforms in order to keep iOS device safe. In addition, in the age of cyber crime where the personal data have become really easy to steal, people will need operating devices which can guarantee the safety of their important data. That is why safety has become the number one priority in most people’s awareness of the importance of ensuring their data is safe and secure.


Keep iOS Device Safe Now

Actually, there would be several essential things that need to be done in order to make sure that you can barely keep iOS device safe and secure. First of all, once you decide to configure the initial operating system for an administrator account, you will also need to make sure that you are setting up one or two additional users for everyday use. This way, you can avoid others to perform updating setting or installing new software. Then, you can start configuring about software updates for checking the updates on iOS device automatically.

In the end, for you most convenience in using your device, it is quite important for you to always ensure that you only deal with genuine anti-virus software. This is because there have been found that there are much fake anti-virus software on the internet today which has already connected with a phishing scam so they will be able to steal your personal data. In order to keep iOS device safe, it is important to learn more about some applications like iCloud system which can help you locate and remotely lock your device once it has been stolen or lost.

Download WordPress Theme: How to Select Websites for Free WordPress Themes?

When it comes to the question on how to download WordPress theme, you will be surprised on how many websites on the internet today which will offer you free download for WordPress themes. This way, you can be sure that you will simply be able to beautify your personal website as well as making it as attractive and interesting as you want it to be. With all those possibilities on choosing free resources on WordPress themes, you can easily customize your website so that it will look professional and fully functional but still accommodate your personal taste at the same time.


Download WordPress Theme for Your Personal Preferences

In fact, we need to say many thanks to the advanced technology today because there are myriad selections on free WordPress theme that can be freely chosen from out there. Many people now can download WordPress theme templates free of charge. Furthermore, if you want to make the appearance of your WordPress become much more personalized; it would be a very great idea to start opening a WordPress hosting account so that you can get more specialized WordPress services. This can be really useful to enhance the overall look of your WordPress blog.

By deciding to join in this WordPress hosting account, you will get more benefits instead of just being able to choose your very personal choice for your WordPress theme. For instance, you can get free theme installation, WordPress auto updates, as well as 24 hours 7 days a week for WordPress support. In order to download WordPress theme which is best suited on your personal needs and style, you can easily choose from several categories so that it can be much easier for you to find what you are really looking for.

The Simple Reasons Why Adsense is Dead on Today’s Advertising

Is Adsense is dead? Many people are curious about it. Several years ago, Adsense is a popular tool that can scrape many dollars for a blogger. Now, almost everyone who moves on the internet interested in it, but they cannot get what they need. Actually, Adsense is not dead. Yet, maybe it will not work well and even not useful at all. What happened?


Why Do People Think That Adsense is Dead?

In fact, it is not dead. Unfortunately, the situation is now making Adsense is dead, not literally. Here are the reasons:

  • Over the years, many experiences and stories of those who could receive millions of dollars in revenue from Adsense. That is true, but it also would not be easy to do. Unfortunately, most people only see in terms of profits, but they do not run the process properly. It is no secret that one can buy Adsense account easily and put it on his/her website. The problem is it a blog that can get a high traffic?
  • The main key of Adsense is how you can attract the attention of the visitors and readers to click on your banner ads. If they are not interested in the content of your website, it will be useless. No traffic, no money. And if it has happened, you are killing your website.
  • Most bloggers or website owners do not maximize the quality of their content. Also, there are certain standards regarding keywords and density of a post. If you just break all the rules, and worse, plagiarize without permission, you will never get any.

In conclusion, Adsense is not dead. But, more and more people are making it as if it was useless. If you want to earn money from your blog or website, you have to improve the quality. It is a fundamental principle to get the most benefit, so you will not being the one of causes why Adsense is dead.

How To Make Blogspot Video in Easy to Follow Steps

We will learn about how to make Blogspot video in very simple steps. Actually, it would be very easy because we only need to follow the menus and tabs that have been provided by BlogSpot. Still, most beginners may still find it difficult to find a feature so they cannot embed the video into it.

blogspotTwo Kinds of How To Make Blogspot Video

Now, before we learn the steps about how to make Blogspot video, make sure that you already log on to your blog. There are two kinds of video in a blog we can do to embed it in the post, or put it on the widget. First, we will put the video on the post.

  1. To put the video in the post, we just need to open the post, and click on tab that displays the video link.
  2. If you take it from YouTube, you just need to copy the URL and place it on the tab.
  3. Now, your video is ready to be played on a blog.

What if we would put it on a widget? Sometimes, we need a way to attract the attention of the visitors, so they can explore our blog. So, please try this.


  1. Open a link at YouTube, and click on the video of your choice.
  2. Right-click and copy the embedded code.
  3. Paste it in the column widget to html code, and save it.
  4. Now, you already have a blog with a video display in your

What if we will enter our own video blog? Actually, it is also easy, using features of video inserts. But, there is a problem that the format is not appropriate for a blog. So, it is recommended to upload them first to YouTube, and copy the embedded code or URL. Well, those are the simple steps about how to make Blogspot video.

3 Top WordPress Themes 2014 for SEO

Actually, there are a myriad of top WordPress themes 2014 for SEO plugin which is available in the official WordPress directory. For understanding more, let us talk about what SEO is and what its advantages are. In fact, SEO has become the most important part of any website or blog. This is because without SEO, your website or blog cannot perform well especially in search results. Furthermore, if you are a beginner and you do not have any idea about where to start to SEO plugin, you can start by doing the basic SEO. Continue reading 3 Top WordPress Themes 2014 for SEO