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Top Download Android App in 2015

Posted in Software Promotion on 2015

In 2015, there are many top download android app. Interestingly, you will find a fact that most popular applications come from previous years. Indeed, as long as it is still useful, people will always use and recommend it. Meanwhile, we just need an update for some applications. Well, what is the best for you?

5 Top Download Android App


1. Facebook for Android

You can download android app market, but Facebook is a popular choice that can never be ignored. Interestingly, you can always update to the latest version. However, it is an application that is very helpful when you want to communicate via Facebook. Also, you can download as a facility Messenger chat on Facebook.

Top download android app on Facebook

2. UK Jobs

Make sure that you will always get the best information on job vacancies. It is a popular application that is much sought after for the sake of people’s careers. You can download this and take advantage of some of the best features. Also, you will not need much time to find a type of work that is relevant for you.

Top download android app on UK Jobs

3. WordPress for Android

As long as you love to write and share, blogging is an activity that cannot be ignored. Well, this is one of the popular and best blogs. Now, you can download and use this version of the application to practical matters. In just a few minutes, you are able to post new things around you. It can be done only with a smart phone.

4. Evernote

It is an important application for those of you who like to record agenda. Also, you will not forget your plans and activities. It is an application that you must have when you have a lot of schedules.

5. Google Maps Navigation

If you do not have any idea at all about the map, it is an important application. You can rely on this as a means of tracking and multiple trips. Uniquely, it is always able to adjust with the latest map. So, you will always get accurate information. Well, that’s what you need to know about the top download android app.

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What Popular Android Apps 2014 Remain Popular in 2015?

Posted in Office Apps on 2015

There are several popular android apps 2014 that are still favored by many people. In 2015, most people still download and install the apps in their gadgets. So, what makes them so special? That we can be sure that they are always useful applications in everyday life. Also, they are applications that can be relied upon for free.

3 Popular Android Apps 2014

1. WhatsApp

However, this is one of most popular android apps for chatting. Until now, most people rely on it as an application to communicate. Instead of using SMS or BBM, people prefer it because of several factors. First of all, you do not need a username, a password, and a few other requirements. You only need a phone number. The best part is when you will not use the data from the phone because it will rely on the Internet.

2. Twitter

Well, this is a social network that still attracts attention. It is evidenced by the popularity of the application. Most people still download and install it in the gadget. In fact, they may not do activities on twitter because you can use it as a medium to access information automatically. Although this is one part of the trend of the Internet, you will always benefit from twitter. That is the reason why most people still download this.
Popular android apps 2014 with Twitter

3. Dropbox
If you have some data you want to share, you can rely on this as a perfect application. There are many people who use this for some needs. Dropbox is a popular application that has always been a major consideration as storage purposes. You just need to download, install, and then register yourself. You will not pay because it is designed as an open source. With this application, you can also do a lot of activities at a time. Dropbox is an easy option that should be owned by businessmen and people who love to share. So, this is one of the best of the popular android apps 2014.
popular android apps 2014 with Dropbox


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3 Cheap Android LTE Phone Options and Specifications

Posted in Multimedia on 2015

You do not need to worry because there are 3 cheap android LTE phone. At least, you will not spend a lot of budget when you need a sophisticated mobile phone that can work in LTE networks. The most important thing is the ease in operating each feature. Well, here are three options you can consider.

Cheap Android LTE Phone

1. Motorola Moto G

Well, if you want an affordable price, you can buy a Motorola Moto G. You can rely on this as one of the cheap LTE phones unlocked. Still, there are some features that can make you satisfied when using this gadget. First of all, it has the best screen which has high quality. Meanwhile, you can also rely on good storage for storing a lot of documents. It is designed with a luxurious style that will make you feel comfortable when exploring every feature. Also, it can be relied upon as one of the gadgets with fast network.
Cheap android LTE phone on Motorola Moto G


2. Samsung Galaxy S4

If you need a sophisticated gadget at an affordable price, you can always count on Samsung. This is a phone that has support LTE networks. By Air View and Air Gestures, you will rely on the best performance of 1.9 GHz Quad-Core Processor. Interestingly, we can enjoy every detail of a 5 “Full HD Super AMOLED Screen. So, please consider this as your mobile phone. Samsung_GALAXY_S4_zoom_(White)

3. Samsung Galaxy S III (S960L0)

However, Samsung is a company that seeks to show the best innovation of some of the latest products. And this is a phone with a 4.8 “HD Super AMOLED screen, with features AllShare Play and One Touch Sharing. It is supported by AndroidTM 4.1 and 4G LTE. If you like photos and videos, you can count on 8 MP Camera / 1.9 MP Front Facing Camera / Video Recorder. Surely, you will not be disappointed with every feature and the price you pay. So, these are some choices of cheap android LTE phone.

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Reviews on Top 3 Free Mobile App Office

Posted in Office Apps on 2015

We always have the best time with 3 free mobile app office. With these applications, we can achieve the most out of a job. Moreover, it will not take a long time so you can spend time during the work. Well, here are three options you can consider:

3 Free Mobile App Office

1. Microsoft Office Mobile

This is one application that is waited by many people. If you are already familiar with Microsoft Office, this is a service that will greatly help any job. Moreover, it is provided free of charge and can be downloaded now. Unfortunately, this is still a beta version. And, we have not been able to use it to tablets. If you ever read an office mobile app review, this is one of the recommended options.

Microsoft Office 2013

2. OfficeSuite 7 + PDF

This is an application that will greatly help your activities which are important in managing multiple formats. We know that PDF is a popular format that is reliable for most people. Well, this is an application that provides cloud storage integration so you can store all your data in one time. Also, you can use a PDF camera scanner to maximize your work. If you buy a full version, you can save it and give it a password. So, it will protect your documents. It will be very useful when you have a lot of work and requires effective concept. 3 free mobile app office with OfficeSuite 7 + PDF

3. Polaris Office

Everything will be easy when you have an application that can be relied upon for office activities. It is an application that will support MS Office files. Of course, you can use free cloud storage for your documents. Meanwhile, there are several other facilities such as camera mode, chromcast, and so on. Interestingly, this is an application that you can get for free. Although you can also buy some paid features. Well, those are the best of 3 free mobile app office.

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5 Most Played Facebook Game in 2013

Posted in Web on 2014

Millions of people are using Facebook for many purposes in virtual social activities, and inside the facebook itself there are 5 most played facebook game that are being played by people worldwide. Facebook game is another type of online games or MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) games that require the facebook account to be played. Most of the games are in the form of facebook apps, so it can not be played without facebook ID. What are those top 5 facebook games?

5 Most Played Facebook Game in 2013

The most popular facebook game is determined by the estimated MAU number or monthly active user worldwide. By April 2013, the most played game is Candy Crush Saga in more than 45 million MAU. The game is developed by King and has been played by a huge number of people. The game is rather simple, in order to win, player must line up 3 or more same candies to earn score. Perhaps its simplicity and viral spreading are the key factor for the Candy Crush Saga to be the most played facebook game. The next two is FarmVille 2 and Texas HoldEm Poker. Both games are developed by Zinga and gain more than 70 million MAU if combined. Virtual farming and poker is the favorite among facebook gamers, perhaps because of the multiplayer nature of the games. People must invite their friend in order to play, therefore increasing the spreading of the game.

5 Most Played Facebook Game the Last Two

Next is Diamond Dash by Wooga. The game is similar to Candy Crush Saga and reaches more than 25 million MAU. It simplicity is easy to play, yet addictive to anyone. The fifth most played game in facebook is CoasterVille, also by Zinga. It reaches more than 25 million MAU. Those are the 5 most played facebook game in 2013.

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